RoyalCBank Review

RoyalCBank Review: Have a Flawless Experience in the Trading World

If you have decided to delve into the trading world, you know that the first thing that needs to be done is finding the right broker. This means doing research and sorting through the option because the online market is just brimming with brokers. Every broker will claim to be the best one and your job is to figure out which one is actually living up to their claims. If you sign up with one that makes false promises, it could leave you empty-handed eventually. If you are interested in a positive all-around experience in the trading world, you shouldn’t look farther than RoyalCBank.

Even though this broker hasn’t been around for as long as some of the experienced ones in the market, but it has made up for it by delivering a flawless experience to traders from different backgrounds and with different trading styles. The broker is fully aware that it is not one feature that has an impact on a trader’s experience, but several. Therefore, RoyalCBank has ensured that it not lacking in any aspect. Some of the ways in which it excels in the market include:

The trading platform

For most traders, the trading platform is priority because that’s what you use for executing your orders. If that’s too complicated to navigate and use, the experience will be a stressful one. Thus, you want a trading platform that can make trading simple and quick and RoyalCBank has delivered. The broker has given its clients the option of a desktop version of their trading platform and there is also a mobile version. The former is great for those who prefer to rely on their PC while the latter works for traders who enjoy trading on the go. In addition, there is not a big learning curve involved and it takes only a few minutes for traders to figure out how the platform works. RoyalCBank also lets you customize the trading platform by deciding what tools you wish to use and which ones you don’t need.

The asset coverage

An appealing feature of RoyalCBank is that the broker has offered a diverse and extensive asset index to its clients. Other brokers also offer many trading instruments, but they are restricted in terms of markets. This is not the case with RoyalCBank. The broker has offered assets spread over a number of financial markets. Not only does it continue to increase the number of assets, but is also expanding in terms of classes. You can trade in some of the biggest markets via RoyalCBank, such as forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. They are continuously working to add more options to help their clients in diversifying their investment and keeping their risks at a minimum.

The account types

One problem with most brokers is that their limited account options push you to choose one that doesn’t really fulfill your needs. This can be frustrating because some features that you need are provided in other accounts. This is one of the top reasons why RoyalCBank offers greater variety when it comes to account types. The broker offers a total of four account options and each of these has been designed for a specific type of trader. The options are silver, gold, platinum and diamond. The first two are better suited to those without much experience in the market whereas the latter two are for sophisticated and seasoned traders. The minimum deposit for the silver account is €500 whereas the Diamond account needs a minimum deposit of €50,000.

The banking options

This aspect of a broker is also of the utmost importance, but it is one that’s often neglected and can be very disappointing for traders. You are obviously signing up with a broker for trading easily, but brokers often make it so difficult to add and withdraw funds that it can demotivate people. RoyalCBank doesn’t make this mistake at all. While not very diverse, the options are secure so you don’t have to worry about your money getting lost or stolen. You can opt for bank wire transfer if you are looking for security or go with credit or debit cards, if you want a quick solution. No minimum limits have been imposed for withdrawal requests, which is a huge advantage.

The training and education

Not everyone who becomes a trader has a proper background. Some people start trading as a hobby or part-time opportunity and may specialize in a completely different field. For these people, the trading terminologies and jargon can be quite confusing. In fact, their failure to understand things can often compromise their investments and lead to losses. Hence, they need some training and education to help them survive and thrive in the market. In order to help them, RoyalCBank has developed a complete education center on their website. They have provided training materials in the form of e-books and video tutorials and there are free webinars that can also be accessed, which are a useful source of information.

The customer service

Another important area that RoyalCBank has addressed is the customer service it offers to its customers. Every minute is valuable in the trading world because it takes only a few minutes for fortunes to be made and lost. If there is even a slight delay, it can cost traders massive sums of money so they need help right away. RoyalCBank has provided several options to their customers for reaching out to them and getting a prompt response. You can choose to fill out the online form, go with email or make a phone call on the number provided on the website. Their agents are available 24/5 to answer any queries you have and will resolve your problem as soon as possible to avoid losses.


All these aspects indicate that RoyalCBank has worked hard in developing a positive reputation and providing a reliable trading environment to their customers. You can have a smooth experience and enjoy the various features that RoyalCBank offers.